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Who Else Wants to Get Pro Graphic Design Results RISK-FREE Within 2 Weeks Using These Free, Online Adobe Photoshop CS4 Video Tutorials?

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Access these Photoshop CS4 Lessons Online for FREE*:


Photoshop CS4 video tutorials


These complimentary Photoshop tutorials get you results! 


Register now @ the button above for your PS tutorial class lessons to get instant access & start learning how to use Photoshop to get professional graphics & design results.


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Learn How to Use Photoshop CS4 to Create Pro Graphic Design Results FAST with Simple, Step-by-Step Photoshop Video Tutorials Online

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ESPECIALLY in this down economy


By signing up for the risk-free 2 week trial, PSDMonthly gets you more Photoshop CS4 designs, graphics & results like a pro whether you're a:


Web Designer

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Deviant Artist



Graphics Enthusiast

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Graphic Designer

Industry Post House

Web Graphics/Templates Designer

Multimedia Professional

Stay-at-Home Professional

Advertising Designer

Marketing Professional

Graphics Buff

Fashion Photographer


Stay-At-Home Mom

Photo Editor  


or more...


Your Photoshop graphics will improve as you discover insider tips, tricks & techniques of creative professionals that aren't shared anywhere else and you can start using to get more creative work done in less time.


PSDMonthly is an ongoing source of Photoshop CS4 video tutorials for graphic design enthusiasts and creative professionals.  Learning 'online' from instant access video tutorials from gives you the savings over expensive classroom Photoshop training or that of a graphic design degree.


I know it can be tough in this economy to afford what you want so by signing up now, you can access everything + all kinds of PS goodies risk-free to see for yourself.


It's Free to check out for two weeks and you can cancel at anytime.  You DON'T HAVE TO STAY with it!  (But I don't see why you wouldn't)


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If you JUST want the free advanced video tutorials (worth $997), right now and don't plan on staying & paying then hey - that's up to you..I won't chase you down or anything ;)


Again, compare THAT to the cost of classroom education where they probably won't show you directly what you really WANT to learn.  And we're talking high-level, 'how to do graphic design' tutorials in many different subgenres of graphic design.  This goes beyond basic Photoshop tips.





*Web Based Adobe Photoshop CS3 & Photoshop CS4 Tutorials - Yes, non-video versions so you can take your time and read through them with full color images to guide you step-by-step.  Many people like learning this way instead. 


And Also Access These New Photoshop CS4 Tutorials

(Screen Captured, Web-Based 'Reading' Tutorials)



+ several other surprise screen captured tutorials inside


You also get Download These 284 Killer Layer Styles Inside

(and if you remain for at least one paying month; full commercial rights use - not redistributable though)


*411 Patterns - Instantly Downloadable & Yours to keep no matter what - Use them for web template backgrounds, creating digital scraps, design elements or secretly create your own unlimited layer style collection (as taught within)


*Over 15+ Hours of Streaming, On-Demand, Online Photoshop CS4 Graphics Video Tutorials

& Much More - FULL ACCESS w/Unlimited views


*24/7 Portfolio Designer Community - Where you can upload your portfolio, get critiques, inspiration and advice from other PS professionals around the world.


*Tell ME what tutorials YOU WANT and I'll make them (often based on popular consensus)



*.JPEG Background Downloads

& More Surprises


*Worldwide 24/7 Access: Learn from anywhere with internet connection. 

New Photoshop CS4 video tutorials will be added monthly


Dive in right now with no obligation to remain on the monthly program.

Yes, you have to sign up with PayPal or reserve your spot via credit card because otherwise EVERYONE would get access to these high quality's what separates the serious from the rest.  Remember you won't be paying for 2 weeks (or at all if you cancel within 2 weeks)..just to get access


Hi Orion,

"I went to the site 8pm last night and the site is amazing, my video tutorial
played fine, and in 2 minutes I learned some new techniques. I am current
running Photoshop 8 and will be going to CS3 soon. I wanted you to know I
enjoyed the site".    -Cliff

Photoshop CS4 video tutorials

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THAT'S FINE & Pay Nothing.  Otherwise it's just $19/mo. to keep getting NEW tutorials each month and you can cancel at anytime @ not be charged after that. 


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Due to the monthly nature of the program, if you choose to stay by doing nothing, you can still get a 100% refund back for the latest month that you were charged for (if you let me know or if you feel you were accidentally charged). 


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Email me with any questions orion @


P.S. Think of what you'd have to lose by NOT getting access to all of these tutorials and downloads?  There is a TON to learn about Photoshop & graphic design right inside and @ no risk that would be very difficult & expensive to learn or figure out otherwise.  If you don't 'act now' about your commitment to improve your Photoshop skills, is taking a more 'expensive' route really a better alternative (even if you can afford it)?  FULL ACCESS @ NO RISK.


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"Another excellent product! The text tutorials are very complete and first rate...The video tutorials that I have seen are very good. Always something new to learn in them.  Keep up the good work. I will be staying after the two week trial to see what comes next."

-John A. K.
Product Photographer and Photoshop Artist

"Thanks for the new tutorial, I appreciate that. I like the direction you've taken, in that you actually see something at the end of the tutorial that is "real world" and not just something like 'here's how to make a gel button'."  -Berk


Some designs include stock from

*Free for two weeks with FULL access, cancel at anytime.  Terms on the proceeding signup page.  You do have to enter your information in ahead of time to get access such as login i.d.  Paypal is free and reserving via with credit card will currently charge you just $1 and will later void that $1 charge (it's just to make a hold if you cancel within the 2 weeks).

After two weeks you'll be charged the promotional $19 USD monthly (normally $25/mo.) for as long as you choose to remain a member (then charged once every 30 days) getting new Photoshop CS4 video tutorials every month.  Unsubscribe at anytime when you're logged in or email me personally orion @ to ask to be removed and not be charged after again.

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